Amendment No. 1 for ICB 3, Extension of Time of Submission for ICB3, QCBS-11, IND-13, IND-15, IND-16

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Government of Nepal

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure & Transport

Department of Roads

Development Cooperation Implementation Division


Jwagal, Lalitpur

Amendment to the Invitation for Prequalification Notice No.: SRCTIP/8/2077-78, RFP Notice No. : SRCTIP/5 /077-78 and REOI Notice No. :  SRCTIP/9/2077-78

Amendment Notice Publication: May 7, 2021


It is notified that the deadline for submission of (i) Applications for prequalification (ii) RFP and (iii) REOI for following contracts are extended as mentioned in the table below. Furthermore, details of the amendment are also available in the website mentioned below.


Notice No

Contract Identification Number

Amendment on

Details of the amendment available on

SRCTIP/8/2077-78 (First Publication Date 25th March, 2021)


Deadline for Prequalification Application Submission and Opening.

Application submission deadline is 27th May, 2021 Time 12:00 Hours Local Time

The opening of the Applications  - 27th May, 2021 Time 14:00 Hours Local Time

Public Procurement Monitoring Office website and

DoR's website:

SRCTIP/5 /077-78

(First Publication Date 25th December, 2020

SRCTIP-DOR-CS-QCBS-11; Consultancy Service for Conducting Road User Satisfaction Survey and Preparation of Necessary Reports

RFP Document

Deadline for RFP Submission is 1st June, 2021  Time : 13:00 Hours Local Time;

Opening on 1st June, 2021, Time: 14:00 Hours Local Time.

DoR's website:


(First Publication Date 26 April, 2021

SRCTIP-DOR-CS-IND-13; Hiring of Individual Consultant - Financial Management Consultant (FMC)

REOI Notice

The Expression of Interest submission deadline is extended up to 31st May, 2021.

DoR's website:

SRCTIP-DOR-CS-IND-15;  Hiring of Individual Consultant- Social Development Advisor (SDA)

SRCTIP-DOR-CS-IND-16;  Hiring of Individual Consultant -Environmental Advisor (EA)




























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"To Contribute Towards the Betterment of Living Conditions of the People through Effective, Efficient, Safe and Reliable Road Connectivity"

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