Amendment No.1 and Clarification No.1; ACCESS-DOR-BGC-QCBS-01; Selection of Consulting Service For (i) Detailed Engineering Survey and Design of Upgradation Works for Gorusinghe-Chanauta (19Km) Highway section and associated Bridges; (ii) Environment Assessment for Upgradation Works for Gorusinghe-Chanauta (19Km) highway section and associated Bridges and; (iii) Construction Supervision of Improvement/Widening of Butwal-Gorusinghe-Chanauta section (69Km) of East –West Highway.

२०७९ चैत्र ०३

As per the provision of Instruction to Consultants and Data Sheet 13.1, queries submitted by the different consulting firms are listed below. The clarifications for each query are also presented in tabular format in the attachments.

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